Frank Frimmer and OLPH

Frank Frimmer

Did you ever notice the stained-glass window in church with the name “Frank Frimmer”?  Hardly an Italio-Spanish-Anglo name! Mr. Frimmer was the architect for both the current rectory and church buildings.  You can see his name below one of the stained-glass windows in the Church, namely the one representing Jesus giving the Keys of the Kingdom to Peter.  (As you face the altar, it would be the third window on the right side wall of the church.)  Also notice that there is a building at the top (what is sometimes called the “cartouche”) of the window.  It is Saint Peter’s Basilica, Rome.  Appropriate that the architect of our church is honored along with Michelangelo! 

Stained Glass window at OLPH

Mr. Frimmer (+1946) is credited with being the architect of thirty-some religious buildings in the Eastern United States. He was born in Knittenfeld, Austria in 1879, studied at Innsbruck and the University of Vienna.  He began his career remodeling famous Old World churches in Austria, then began his US career in Pittsburgh, PA for the Polish Catholic Church.  Later he designed residences and public buildings in West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania before moving to the Tampa area. Notable among his designs: The Cathedral of Saint Patrick in Charlotte, North Carolina. He also designed St. Mary’s High School in Annapolis, Maryland, and is buried in the Redemptorist Cemetery connected with Saint Mary’s Church (in Annapolis). 

He was also one of our best beloved parishioners. 

With special thanks to the Archivist of the Redemptorist Archives, Philadelphia, PA, to our own Fr Paul Morrissey, Vic Omila for the picture, and  Gus Rodriguez’ book “Icon of Love” for this interesting contribution!