Nominations for Parish Council

Nominations for Parish Council

This is the time in the year that we open nominations for the Parish Council. Nominated candidates should be people of proven faith and willing to commit their time, talent, and wisdom to the development of our parish. If you want to nominate yourself, please take with you a “Nomination Card”, read it carefully, prayerfully fill it out, discuss it with significant member(s) of your household, return it next Saturday or Sunday, and place it in the box at the back of the church.

If you want to nominate some other parishioner that you want to nominate and if he/she accepts the nomination, complete the filing card and bring it to the Church. The basic responsibility of a member of the Parish Pastoral COuncil (or Parish Council to abbreviate P.C.) is to attend a monthly meeting that is scheduled one month erlier. The meetings are on Sundays from 2:00PM to 3:30pm.

The duration of office is normally 3 years. The P.C. member should be open to support the PC initiativesthat get the approval from the Pastor. To fill a “Nomination Card” does not mean that the person nominated will automatically become a member of the PC. They are only nominations; it is up to the Pastor to officially select the candidates that will join the PC.

Potential Candidates should be

Mrs. Dae Simeon
Parish Council President