Important Notice: Beginning Sunday, Oct. 11, masses will no longer be streamed online.

Donations and Volunteering

Supportive Charitable Donations and Volunteer Programs

Change someone’s life for the better by participating in our volunteer programs. At Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Tampa, Florida, we encourage people to help disadvantaged people.


Create a positive impact by donating money or food. We feed the poor in weekly meals that we offer to the community. You can make your donation on-line, call us, come to our church, or mail in your donations.

All your contributions are tax-deductible and we provide you with a donation receipt upon request. For your convenience, we also offer yearly and quarterly reports about your donations.


Give something back to your community. Contact us through our website, call or come directly to our church to learn more about our volunteer programs.

Please contact us to help make a positive impact!