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Welcome to the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church!

After receiving authorization to resume public Masses from Bishop Gregory Parkes, and after a prayerful discernment and consultation with the leadership of the Parish Pastoral Council, our weekend public Masses have resumed but are still under strict CDC guidelines.

“Bishop Parkes wants you to understand that the Dispensation from the Sunday obligation to attend Mass remains in effect until further notice and applies to all Catholics. Bishop says that ‘no one should feel guilty for protecting their health or that of their loved ones’.” (Source: OLPH May 24th bulletin)

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A Message from Bishop Parkes

Bishop Parkes, diocesan leadership, and a task force studied the Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA), and the process by which the Diocesan Pastoral Center funds its expenses. After much consultation and review, the task force voted unanimously to implement a new financial structure for parishes, donors, and the Diocese. It lessens the financial burden on parishes, allows 100% of donor contributions to go toward ministries instead of administration costs, increases accountability and reduces confusion, that way they will be able to continue providing full transparency.


Synodal Process

Prayer Vigil, February 3rd. 7:00pm

Pope Francis has summoned us to the celebration of the Universal Synod, which on this occasion is entitled: “For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation and Mission.” The Synod is an opportunity to recover our identity as a pilgrim church, “walking together”. We are called to be a Church that listens attentively to each other, as well as to the Holy Spirit.

If you want to be part of this important stage in the life of the Church join the Local Synod Team in holding a Prayer Vigil on Friday, February 3 at 7:00pm during our regular Healing Mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Vigilia de Oración (4 de febrero, 7pm)
y Sesión Parroquial del Sínodo. 5 de febrero del 2022, de 8:30am a 12:00pm)

El Papa Francisco nos ha convocado a la celebración del Sínodo Universal, que en esta ocasión lleva como título: “Por una Iglesia sinodal: comunión, participación y misión.” El Sínodo es una oportunidad para recuperar nuestra identidad como iglesia peregrina, “caminando juntos”. Somos llamados a ser una Iglesia que se escucha atentamente entre sí, así como al Espíritu Santo.

Si quieres ser parte de esta importante etapa en la vida de la Iglesia y quisieras que tu opinión contara en las decisiones que toma la Iglesia, esta es tu oportunidad. Únete al Equipo Sinodal Local en la celebración de una Vigilia de Oración el viernes 4 de febrero a las 7:00pm en la iglesia y en una sesión de oración, intercambio y reflexión el 5 de febrero de 9:00 am hasta las 12:00 pm en el salón parroquial.

Memo From USA Bishops About the COVID-19 Vaccine

For those who wish to know more about the subject, a statement from the USCCB, concerning vaccines that have been developed to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 is accessible at

Our Church History – Since 1890

From the beautiful church to the gardens, from the rectory to the convent, clues to the origin, the influence, the past and the present of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, an Ybor City jewel, abound.

OLPH History OLPH Academy Stained Glass Windows

Holy Sacraments

The Holy Sacraments are vital to the life of every Catholic and for the life of the Catholic Church. Receiving them help Catholics to a more personal relationship with Jesus. Learn more about Holy Sacraments at OLPH

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OLPH Catholic Church believes in giving back to the community. Contact us if you wish to participate or receive more information about Giving at OLPH.

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