Bagabaldo Sculpture at OLPH

Rick bagabaldo's work at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Tampa, Florida
Rick Bagabaldo with his Our Lady of Perpetual Help sculptural work at OLPH in Ybor City/ Tampa, Florida

Did you know that Rick San Rafael Bagabaldo was one of the artists that created wonderful sculptures for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Ybor City? 

Bagabaldo was born and raised in the Philippines, and learned sculpting from his uncle.  Searching for a better life, he moved to the USA with his family, and after some time was able to work for Watra, the well-known national religious articles company.  He moved to Tampa where he worked as a freelance artist. 

Bagabaldo’s works appear in many churches throughout the country. According to Larry Cruz, an OLPH parishioner, he was also an usher at the OLPH parish until his premature death in the Philippines in 2019.