Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Osborne

Cynthia and Frank Osborne were born in Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (the southernmost island country in the Caribbean) 1937-1936, respectively. They migrated to the USA in 1969 and served in Incarnation Church as Ministers of the Eucharist. The then Pastor, Fr. Stokes asked them to help here, at OLPH because a shortage of priests.

Frank recalls an interesting story related to his experience in OLPH, where he was also a money counter for more than 25 years: “In the past I was the only man between 6 women counting the collections”.

When Cynthia was asked about her main lesson she have learned at OLPH as a parishioner she said: “I have seen a multicultural Parish coming together and making a better community of faith, respecting and loving each other and working to improve our finances. That for me is the meaning of a church”.

They have been serving as Ministers of the Eucharist, Sacristans, Money Counters and Lectors for more than 30 years. In those years they have served with engagement, joy and humility having in mind that they were serving God and the people of God. They are moving to Lakeland due to medical issues, where their son lives and will be able to take care of them more closely. It has been a difficult but necessary decision.

When they were asked about their advice to the new generation of OLPh’s Parishioners, their answer was: “We ask all the young people to be more active in the parish. Learning from the elders the young people will be able to keep OLPH active because young people are the present and the future of this parish. The help from the young people serving in the different ministries is needed”.

When we asked them how they would want to be remembered, they said: “As servants of the people of God”. “The Church is beautiful as an historical building but also as a warm parish; people are enthusiastic and kind, all they are in a special place in our hearts”. Then, Cinthia said: “For Frank it is difficult sometimes to express his feelings but when he says something it is because he really means it”.

They will still be attending some celebrations at OLPH and they said they will keep an eye on us (smiling face).